Vision for Mountain View

We face important issues ahead. I pledge to be the collaborative, balanced, and pragmatic Councilmember residents deserve.

I’ve spent years contributing to our City of Mountain View as a community volunteer, public policy professional, and Environmental Planning Commissioner including Chair and Vice Chair. I’ve worked hard to ensure that as we change and grow, Mountain View maintains its unique character, diversity, and high quality of life.

As a third generation Mountain View resident and granddaughter and daughter of small business owners in the City, I understand and love this community. Mountain View has been a welcoming place for families, including my own. I want that spirit to endure for all of our children and residents. My goal is to make sure everyone can thrive in our community.

I will bring my track record of listening, respect for all opinions, and pragmatic consensus building to Council and will encourage residents to participate in the process. I also will bring a fresh perspective to Council as a future parent and homeowner.

Please email me at: to share your vision for Mountain View with me.

Below are my thoughts and ideas on several topics facing Mountain View. 


● Partnerships with everyone to generate solutions - including the school district and collaboration on teacher housing
● Support for first-time home buyers, especially middle-income residents who cannot qualify for other regional programs
● Streamline the development approval process for ownership housing on small parcels
● Expand opportunities for transit oriented development in areas where it has worked such as along El Camino Real
● Infrastructure in lock step with housing so that new development fits in with existing neighborhoods
● Enabling a multifamily residential community in the North Bayshore that will be a part of complete neighborhood


● Improve Mountain View’s infrastructure by getting projects shovel-ready to be able to take advantage of state and regional funding as it becomes available, such as Santa Clara County Measure B transportation funds
● Decrease traffic congestion by building out our multi-modal transportation network to support pedestrians, bicyclists, light rail, CalTrain, and autonomous vehicles
● Expand our free community shuttle and looks for ways to partner with other intracity transit programs such as MVGo
● Smart growth to create walkable/bikeable communities
● Expand existing bicycle and pedestrian networks throughout the City to make it easier to get around


Public Safety

● Strengthen our safety through community collaborations and events
● Empower our police, firefighters, and first responders with the appropriate policies, resources, and training they need to keep Mountain View safe
● Rebuild the police and fire administrative building to a state of the art facility
● Support competitive and diverse recruitment for current vacancies
● Provide wraparound services and move individuals into permanent stable housing through safe parking programs like “Lots of Love”
● Address health and safety concerns for vehicle dwellers through city policy or vehicle parking ordinance

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Quality of Life

● Support more open street events for residents that are community-based like “Thursday Night Live” and the “Spring Family Parade”
● Ensure new developments are aesthetically attractive and positive additions to existing neighborhoods
● Look for opportunities to build more parks of all sizes in new developments and new neighborhoods
● Recruit and retain a diversity of businesses

Environmental Sustainability

● Advance our Environmental Sustainability Action Plan recommendations from the Environmental Sustainability Task Force 2
● Expand Silicon Valley Clean Energy Program
● Approach each development and project through a lens of sustainability to create energy efficiencies, and encourage recycling, including water
● Reduce our GHG emissions through short term and long term community-wide actions
● Explore ways to add parks of all sixes and urban green spaces
● Sea level rise protection measures
● Support wetland restoration in the North Bayshore, and tree canopy expansion citywide

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City Services

● Continue the City excellent financial standing with its AAA credit rating, ample reserves and minimized debt.
● Maintain service levels at pace with city growth and change
● Increase staff levels to improve responses, transparency, approvals and communications
● Advocate for our entire community & residents with transparency



● Expanding transit options for seniors including the Community Shuttle routes
● Ensure seniors are able to age in place
● Focus on housing options for seniors on fixed income



● Strengthen relationships with school districts to ensure school sites have necessary support
● Expand and improve youth services and library programs for preschoolers to teens, especially at the Teen Center
● Promote the expansion of childcare programs

Position on City Ballot Measures
● Support Measure P (Business License Tax) and Measure Q (Cannabis Tax). More information on the ballot measures here.